Pop Medieval Ep 17: What We Did Over Our Summer Break

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Pop Medieval Ep 17: What We Did Over Our Summer Break

Welcome to season 2 of Pop Medieval! Doc and Nina return with a bevy of updates from their summer break. First, Nina stepped into the feudal Middle Eastern future with Frank Herbert’s “Dune” before settling down with Netflix’s “The Old Guard” and a few episodes of “The Witcher”. Then Doc tried to improve his understanding of medieval T’ang Dynasty poetry and resurrected an old favorite tabletop: Dungeons and Dragons!


TedEd – Why should you read “Dune” by Frank Herbert: (https://youtu.be/yhYU4ZbLmmk)

The Students Guide to Digital Publishing, edited by Dr. Richard Scott Nokes (that’s Doc!) and written by his students at Troy University (https://books2read.com/students-guide-to-digital-publishing)

Steven Muhlberger’s “Formal Combats in the Fourteenth Century” is now in print!! (https://books2read.com/students-guide-to-digital-publishing)

Have a recommendation for us? Send Doc and Nina an email at podcast at profawesome dot com!

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