From A to Zombie Blurb Contest

From A to Zombie Blurb Contest


I’m happy to announce in cooperation with Laser Blast Books a blurb contest for my new book, From A to Zombie. All you have to do is write a short blurb that would be appropriate for the back cover of the print version of the book and hashtag it on Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads with #zombieblurb to be considered. The deadline is Halloween (October 31st) 2019.

Fun blurbs are more likely to win than serious blurbs, so “This is my favorite book,” as flattering as that is, wouldn’t be as good as: “I threw out my copy of the US Constitution, as we should now govern ourselves by the teachings in this book.” Have fun, and don’t be afraid to be ridiculous or over-the-top. Or be boring. Whatever. I’m not your dad.

The prizes:

Honorable(?) Mention: If you are not one of the top three winners but we include your blurb in the book anyway, you’ll get a free From A to Zombie refrigerator magnet, to remind you always of your incredible skill as a blurb writer every time you open your fridge. You can ask yourself, “Should I have that slice of pie?” and then when you see that magnet, you’ll know the answer is, “Heck yeah, a world-renowned blurb-writer like me deserves it!”

Third Prize: You get the fridge magnet (you lucky dog), and a free signed copy of the print version of From A to Zombie to go along with that fine e-book you already own. Then you can show your friend your signed book and complain, “Look, I won this book, but the author vandalized it with this writing.”

Second Prize: You get the fridge magnet, a free signed copy of From A to Zombie, and you’ll get a free e-book copy of my next book, The Watch of Traxis. Nerds like more books, right? Maybe we can persuade Laser Blast to run the contest again, and by writing pithy blurbs you’ll eventually end up with my entire oeuvre for the price of one book.

First Prize: The fridge magnet, the signed copy of From A to Zombie, the free e-book of The Watch of Traxis … and one of the characters in The Watch of Traxis will bear your name! You will be immortalized next to Hamlet, Sherlock Holmes, Guinevere, and some alien who appears in one paragraph of a Star Wars Extended Universe novel!

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