Professor Awesome’s Icy Counter-Challenge

Professor Awesome has been called out by several different people to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Me, a mere slacktivist? Never! So I offer my counter-challenge to my students, so that they may participate in a meaningful way:

Any student who wishes to dump a bucket of ice on Professor Awesome’s head may do so, with the following stipulations:

1. You must donate $10 directly to the ALS Association. Even undergraduates can afford that. Because many object to the ALSA’s support of fetal stem cell research, you may alternately donate $10 to the JP2MRI if you prefer.
2. You must film it and post it to encourage your friends. The more Professor Awesome suffers the icy indignity, the more money will be raised.
3. You must do it by Wednesday, August 27th, after which point I’ll be out of town. You can make arrangements with me via Twitter @rsnokes. Surely you can scrape up $10 by then!

Not sure if you want to take Professor Awesome’s counter-challenge? Consider these words from the Anglo-Saxon poem, “The Seafarer,” and meditate on how your heart will delight to make me wretched for a noble cause:

How wretched I was, drifting through winter
On an ice-cold sea, whirled in sorrow,
Alone in a world blown clear of love,
Hung with icicles. The hailstorms flew.
The only sound was the roaring sea,
The freezing waves.

And if that doesn’t inspire you, try this:

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