Deadlands TV — Through the Xbox

Microsoft announced yesterday that it will make original programming for the Xbox, that they’re calling “Xbox Originals.” Some of the programming looks like it might be interesting (though even with Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg on board, do we really need TWO Halo projects?), and other programming, meh.

One exciting project is a show based on the “Deadlands” RPG. Yes, that’s a tabletop RPG, not an MMORPG. For those unfamiliar with the setting, it’s a mix of magic and steampunk in a Wild West setting. The Civil War drags on, and a mineral called “ghost rock” that burns hotter and longer than coal fuels the devices of mad scientists. The town drunk might actually be an intelligent zombie using alcohol to slow his decay, and the cardsharp in the saloon can use playing cards to cast magical hexes. You’ve got spiritual revival among the indians, gunslingers, railroad robber barons — fun for the whole family.

There are some other interesting projects in the Xbox pipeline — “Signal to Noise,” “Humans,” and “Winterworld” all look good — but hopefully a Deadlands series will renew interest in this classic tabletop RPG.

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