Pop Medieval Ep 26: Seven Medieval Words…A Sick Return!

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Pop Medieval Ep 26: Seven Medieval Words...A Sick Return!

We’re bringing it back, folks! It’s time to play Seven Medieval Words and this time, it’s pandemic themed! That’s right, Doc has seven Old English words and Nina has to guess their modern English translation. Last time they played, her score was a humiliating 1/7. Think she can do better this time?

As always, Pop Medievalists are invited to play along too! Can you can get the full seven?

The words are: laecehus, adl, onflyge, grima, lacnung, angbreost, hraecca


Pandemic! the board game (https://www.amazon.com/Z-Man-Games-ZM7101-Pandemic/dp/B00A2HD40E/)

Leechcraft: Early English Charms, Plantlore and Healing. Stephen Pollington (https://www.amazon.com/Leechcraft-English-Charms-Plant-Lore-Healing/dp/1898281238)

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