Pop Medieval Ep 15: All Hayl the Tyger Kyng

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Pop Medieval Ep 15: All Hayl the Tyger Kyng

Like the rest of America, Doc and Nina have been bitten by something big, striped, and caged. That’s right, in this episode, they’re discussing the Netflix sensation, Tiger King! But what does a docu-series about backyard zoo wars have to do with anything medieval?

Doc will talk about menageries of Henry I, Charlemagne, and Frederick II and the everlasting allure and power of tigers. Plus, Nina will attempt to design a coat of arms for each tiger “kingdom.” Finally, they’ll play a quick game of “thrones” – which kingdom would you chose?

Show Notes

Still under lockdown and haven’t seen Tiger King yet? Watch it on Netflix! Tiger King (https://www.netflix.com/title/81115994)

Nina’s Recommendations

A beginners guide to heraldry (https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/easter/preparing-for-easter-adventure-quests/our-guide-to-heraldry/)

Meet The Designer Cats with Wild Blood (https://youtu.be/QHscMam4W7s)

Doc’s Recommendations

The Medieval Bestiary website (http://bestiary.ca/index.html)

Have a recommendation for us? Send Doc and Nina an email at podcast at profawesome dot com!