The Miskatonic Files

A web series called The Miskatonic Files? Yes, please.

You can support them on IndieGoGo, or hit them up on Facebook.

What’s that? You’re afraid that if you support any Cthulhu-related project, you will no doubt go insane from the eldritch revelations that such a project will bring to light, secrets that were best left hidden in the outer darkness?

Fear not! For I, Professor Awesome, will protect you with a remedy found in a 9th century manuscript, Leechbook III (Royal 12.D.xvii), a potion against both devils and insanity. Entry lxiv, as translated by T.O. Cockayne in his Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England:

Put into ale cassuck [hassock], roots of lupin, fennel, ontre [radish], betony, hindheal [water agrimony], marche, rue, wormwood, nepeta, helenium, elfthone [nightshade], wolfs comb [wild teasel]]; sing twelve masses over the drink, and let the man drink it, it will soon be well with him.