Pop Medieval Ep 12: All My Friends are Dead

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Pop Medieval Ep 12: All My Friends are Dead

Before you begin this episode, make a list of ten people closest to you. They can be family, friends, loved ones — anyone whose loss would impact you.

Ok, ready?

With all the spread and seriousness of the coronavirus — or COVID19 — this last month, Doc and Nina’s have another topical discussion. Responsible for wiping out 30% of medieval Europe, the Black Plague (better known as the Bubonic Plague) spread from China via the fleas of rats. To demonstrate the substance of this loss, Doc has Nina make her own list and pick three random loved ones from her life. The results are unnerving!

After Doc has Nina kill off most of her support system, he then kills off the rumors about a certain nursery rhyme’s connections to the Black Plague.

We promise this episode will make you laugh, everyone.

Show Notes

Make sure you read Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron as we might be doing a follow up episode about it! ( https://www.amazon.com/Decameron-Penguin-Classics-Giovanni-Boccaccio/dp/0140449302/ )

Nina’s Recommendations

Historyteacher’s Black Death (“Hollaback Girl”) (https://youtu.be/rZy6XilXDZQ

Crash Course’s World History 203: Disease! (https://youtu.be/1PLBmUVYYeg

Doc’s Recommendations

Connie Willis The Doomsday Book. (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24983.Doomsday_Book?from_search=true&qid=du14fOtzBB&rank=7)

Have a recommendation for us? Send Doc and Nina and email at podcast at profawesome dot com!