About PAU


At Professor Awesome’s University, you can double major in both Awesomology and Advanced Awesome Studies. Awesomology is academic and intellectual study of popular culture, while Advanced Awesome Studies is popularly-written content about academic and intellectual topics.

Professor Awesome, PhD is the alter-ego of Dr. Richard Scott Nokes, a real-life professor of medieval literature at Troy University, and academic editor for Witan Publishing. Dr. Nokes is but one of the many Professors Awesome here at PAU.


Can I get a real degree from PAU?
Nope, but many of our professors awesome are faculty at actual degree-granting institutions. Even if you don’t live near the awesome professor you’re interested in, their school may teach online classes.

Will you come speak at my school/club/convention?
Just contact Professor Awesome (or whichever awesome professor you’re interested in) with the details. If we can work it out, we will.

Can I write for PAU?
Maybe! We’re always looking for new awesome professors. Just submit a piece written in accord with our style guide.

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